2009-2019 GB - COMPLETE Definitive / Security Stamp Album (A4)


Great Britain
Security MACHIN Definitive Album

160+ printable pages with spaces to house your collection.

The album is completely different from any other digital album currently available as it been designed for different LEVELS of collectors.
If you simply want to file one value from every definitive, simply print the whole numbers i.e. any page WITHOUT an alphabetical suffix.
This is superb for starter collectors and as you build up the different varieties in your collection you can print the pages needed to house them.

And here is an ideal starter set if you were thinking of purchasing this album - 2009-2020 GB - SGU2911-74 Basic Set of 56 Security Machins MNH

Uses its own unique numbering system and includes issues from business sheets, counter sheets, booklets, coils, miniature sheets, prestige books. In fact, any definitive (except those from Smiler Sheets) are incorporated in this album..

This is a quality production producing nice clean pages where your stamps will be the centrepiece rather than the decoration of the album.
Attach your stamps either with hinges or mounts (recommended). Print as many or as few pages as you need as many times as you want.

HELP AND TIPS - Go to the bottom of the page

This is a digital album. All pages are in PDF format for ease of printing.
Pages are only guaranteed for A4 size printers.
I have currently no way of testing for US Letter size unfortunately.
You can print one, selected or all pages as many times as you need.
A similar pre-printed album (if it existed) would cost 100s of pounds, and if you ruin or tear one page, try getting hold of a replacement!

A PDF reader (e.g. ACROBAT READER or SUMATRA) is required, both supply a free download:
Download Adobe Reader here.
Download Sumatra Reader here.
I prefer SUMATRA as it has a very small footprint on your machine compared to the ADOBE version. but it is a personal decision.

You will receive a PDF file directly to your mailbox, normally available for download within 48 hours of payment being received.
If you do not receive your "download email" within that time-frame please first check your "SPAM" email box and if still not found please email me and I will re-send it.

It allows the collection and display of all the different varieties of valued and NVI Machin singles available to this particular part of the Machin era.


HOWEVER: FULL SUPPORT is offered where any pages are found to be incorrect or issues are missing.
I will be offering updates in March of each year to ensure a full year of new Definitive issues.

The main image will give you a good idea of the contents and reduced size sample pages are provided below.



+ I have avoided SG numbers wherever possible, as these are subject to continual change and have referenced them with my unique numbering system. I have used SG numbers on Prestige Books and a few of the other booklets as these tend to be stable from a numbering perspective.

+ I originally built this album for used stamps, but it is also a highly specialised album, as it provides all the issues with an identifiable difference, so the different printers are all included and indeed you can collect the Machins from each different book if you so desire as the page is there to print under the equivalent year.

+ With that in mind, it is suitable for the MINT or USED collector. For example, if there are three copies of the £1.28 issued over three years then there are three spaces, one on each of the relevant year pages.

+ I have added separate pages to distinguish between the different mixed booklets (PMxx) which of course you can collect either as Used (if you are ever lucky enough to be able to identify them, probably from FDC envelopes I guess) OR especially for those that collect MINT issues.

+ I have not included any short band or inset band finds.

+ I do not number the pages individually, but I do have a reference number on each page (e.g. 2016-4, 2015-4a). This helps in both identification and for me when creating new pages.

** SETUP Q & A **

A few answers to questions I have been asked in the past, please note these answers are personal to my set-up and as an individual collector you may have your own setup.

1. What is a good quality paper to print on?
+ Anything from 100gm up to whatever your printer will support. I use 120gm myself.
2. Can you suggest a good quality stamp album to house the printed pages?
+ I use any good quality FOUR ring binder such as those provided by Royal Mail for their Presentation Packs but you can use any from the principal stationery stores such as Rymans or WH Smith. A good strong cover and "thicker rings" i.e. at the more expensive end admittedly, but would be cheaper than buying from Royal Mail.
3. Would the pages have to be punched to fit an album?
+ Personally, I don't but it is your choice. There is a larger left-hand margin to allow for punch holes.
I use multi-punched pockets (cheap from any supermarket or B&M). Best ones were from Woolworth before they folded, need to check out the quality... ASDA, for example, I don't use as they are too thin, but I have found the 25 pack from Tesco very suitable.
4. How do you set up the album?
+ I actually print two copies of the album, one on cheaper 80gm paper which I put on the left-hand side, and the 2nd copy on 120gms on the right-hand side. This means two pages back to back in one "multi-punched-pocket" so there only needs to be one more punched pocket than pages in the album.


I use the cheap paper copy to write any reference notes on. If I decide it is getting untidy I just print the one page again.
5. Use Hinges or Mounts?
+ Obviously if they are brand New Mint with the Gum untouched then it would be silly and considerably reduce the value to use anything except MOUNTS. However, if using this album for USED versions of the stamp then the choice is yours really. I tend to use Mounts even for Used stamps because this also protects them from the elements (and because I have so many it would take another lifetime to use them all!).
6. Do I have to print ALL the pages every time?
+ Absolutely not, you can print all or one or any number in between. Your printing software should also allow you to print a sequence of pages, leave a gap, then continue adnauseum. For example, if you did not want to print the "alpha" pages, you could select: 1-2, 4-8, 9-14, 10, 12-26 in one selection (these are just page numbers quoted at random)

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