2018 GB - SGU2998-18[Y] 1st Red (W) Cylinder W1 Block (6) PA


UJW152[Y][18] SBP2i Cylinder - W1 - Block of 6 Perforated Across (PA) from Counter Sheet with Yellow Phosphor and Weak Security Printing.

My Ref: 2018.1st.RW01

Deegam Ref: N1.62.11 (SAP238)

Colour: Royal Mail Red 2 (Dark Red / Scarlet)

Issued: 23.05.2018

Format: Mint Never Hinged

Note 1: Date Change to M18L and Printer to Walsall.

Note 2: Printed Backing Paper exists in SBP2i only. See diagram below.
However there are two types of stamp and security paper.

  1. Dated 14/02/18: Stamps have Yellow Phosphor under Shortwave UV and also a WEAK Security Backing Paper Print. [THIS SALE].
  2. Dated 29/08/18: Stamps have Blue Phosphor under Shortwave UV and also a STRONG Security Backing Paper Print.

Both are available on site subject to stock.
SAP238: Example Source of WEAK and STRONG Backing Paper.

  • Print Process: Machin Definitive – Gravure.
  • Printer: Walsall
  • Paper: WEAK Special Backing Paper Inverted (SBP2i)
  • Perforation: 15 x 14
  • 2 x YELLOW Phosphor Bars (using Short Wave UV)
  • Gum: PVAI
  • Number per sheet: 50

SAP238: Source of the sale item showing M18L date and Weak Print.

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