1972 GB - DX1a - The Story of Wedgwood (£1) Doctor Blade Flaw


Issued 24.05.1972.

Possibly the most well-known because it was the first! Contains the unique and famous ½p LB (X842). The one in this booklet has excellent perforations

This book has a pronounced vertical Doctor Blade Flaw on 3rd pane (DP19) right the way down the 3 x 2½p stamps in column 1. (see note at bottom)

Doctor Flaw Pane

The right hand perforations are EXCELLENT and NOT as shown on the image

This book was issued to celebrate the anniversary of Josiah Wedgwood and contains four panes of definitive stamps (DP17-DP20).

Key Stamp
Key Pane
Look For
½p LB
A less well known stamp unique to this booklet is the
2½p RB. (above right).
The 2½p LB (X852E) can be found
in other booklets as well as this one.
2½p RB
SG X842
SG X841o, SG X841p, SG X851n, SG X855n
SG X852Ea
Odd Fact :
The first and probably most well known Prestige Book because of the ½p left band stamp. The second one wasn't produced until nearly 8 years later - a bit different from today!
Front Cover :
Back Cover :

DEFINITION: Doctor Blade
A flexible steel blade which is used to removes surplus ink from the printing cylinder on high-speed modern presses. Faulty operation can cause flaws of a non-constant nature on the printed stamps.

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