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Please Note the Following:
  • As SG doesn't value either Corner Blocks (plain or inscripted) the primary catalogue used is the Canadian UNITRADE with values in $CDN and a conversion at 2(CDN):1(GPB) which slightly undervalues the GPB amount.
  • Any "x" or "y" suffix is my addition purely for recognition purposes, where "y" represents Corner Blocks.
  • At the moment I am using mostly stock images as I want to concentrate on making as many items available as possible.
  • I will graduate to actual images of the items as soon as possible. This means that there might be an image of a Lower Left (LL) corner block, whereas the item for sale may well be the Upper Right(UR) position, or an image of Plate 1 when the sale item is Plate 2.
PLease check carefully what position/plate number you desire before purchasing.

Most, but not all, modern blocks distributed by Canada Post to the general Post Offices were "non-inscrpition blocks" (i.e. blank). If an inscription block was required it was generally only obtainable from their Philatelic centres. This makes them much more desirable than the plain except in very exceptional circumstances.
There are examples (the 36c Queens Head - Sc 926a for example) which were only ever distributed as "non-inscription" blocks and are difficult to find.

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