Jersey history is influenced by its strategic location between the northern coast of France and the southern coast of England; the island's recorded history extends over a thousand years.

Evidence of bronze-age and early iron-age settlements can be found in many locations around the island. While archaeological evidence of Roman influence has been found, in particular the coastal headland site at Le Pinacle, Les Landes, where remains of a primitive structure are attributed to Roman temple worship (fanum), evidence for regular Roman occupation has yet to be established. Formerly under the control of Brittany and named Angia, also spelled Agna, Jersey became subject to Viking influence in the 9th century, one of the "Norman Islands".

The name for Jersey itself is sourced from a Viking heritage: the Norse suffix -ey for island can be found in many places around the northern European coasts. However the significance of the first part of the island's toponym is unclear. Among theories are that it derives from jarth (Norse: earth) or jarl, or perhaps a personal name, Geirr, to give "Geirr's Island". Alternatively support for a Celtic origin can be made with reference to the Gaulish gar- (oak), ceton (forest). It is also said to be a corruption of the Latin Caesarea, the Roman name for the island, influenced by Old English suffix -ey for "island"; this is plausible if regional pronunciation of Latin implied that Caesarea was not pronounced [kaisarea] but [tʃeːsarea], probably under the influence of Ecclesiastical pronunciation of Latin.

Source: Wikipedia

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