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Dermacton - for dogs with itchy/irritated skin

Jackie from 'Elpida Shelter of Hope', Livadeia, Greece emailed us:

"This poor dog, Maylo, suffers from skin problems and, as you can see, his skin was so uncomfortable for him. The lady who looks after the 60+ dogs alone in our shelter described your cream as 'magic'. She does everything humanly possible for these poor strays and takes in far more than she should. I hope you can see what a beautiful dog our Maylo is now and thank you again."

'Maylo' Before Dermacton

maylo before

'Maylo' After Dermacton

maylo after pic

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'Ebony' - 10 month old Cavalier King Charles


23 July 2008 Ebony Before Dermacton

Ebony 23 July

These are photos of poor Ebony before using our Dermacton products.

Ebony's owner Veronica Hull chose to use the Dermacton to soothe Ebony's sore skin, and soften it to get it back into a condition which would support hair regrowth.

The Dermacton Cream was used on most areas, with the Dermacton Spray used initially on the legs for the first few days, as Ebony didn't like them being touched!

6 August - just 2 weeks later!!

Ebony starting to look like a Cavalier King Charles should look.

We were so pleased to see these photos. Already after just 2 weeks, Ebony is starting to look soooooo much better.

Ebony 6th August

27 August 2008 - Ebony after 5 weeks of Dermacton!!

Ebony 27th August

Practically unrecognisable from the first photo 5 weeks earlier!

Below are the full before and after 5 week photos of each area. We are hopeful that in a few weeks we will have photos of Ebony's legs and tail fully covered in hair.

Ebony treatment photos

Veronica is delighted with Ebony's remarkable progress, and we are equally delighted the Dermacton has helped Ebony.

Ebony Paws

...... and here is a photo of Ebony's
legs after a total of just 10 weeks
of Dermacton

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WENDY's Story - Westie

Photos courtesy of the Monaghan SPCA (Society for protection of cruelty to animals)

Wendy Westie

Pictures of Wendy Before Dermacton:

Wendy Before Treatment

Wendy was approximately 1 year old and when she arrived at the 'Monaghan Society of Protection of Cruelty to animals' centre in Ireland, the vets said she was the worse case they'd seen. As Wendy was such a sweet little girl, the centre wanted to give her a chance, so after hearing great comments about the Dermacton range from 'Many Tears Rescue' in Wales, they decided to give Dermacton a try.

Wendy after just 2 weeks of Dermacton application - hair already growing back everywhere

Wendy 2 Weeks Later

Wendy after just 5 weeks of Dermacton application!

Wendy 5 Weeks Later

The Monaghan SPCA centre said on their website - "We are so pleased with the results and Wendy actually enjoys having the cream massaged into her troubled areas. Within a few days, the redness and itchiness subsided and within a week fur began growing on her front and back legs"

Wendy was soon rehomed :-)

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ZEE ZEE - Westie

Photos courtesy of 'Many Tears Rescue'

zee image

Pictures of ZEE ZEE before Dermacton

Zee Zee Before Treatment

This a picture of poor Zee Zee taken when she was found as a stray on a mountain in Wales!!
Luckily the person who found her took her to 'Many Tears Rescue' who are a 'no kill' rescue centre, who do a fantastic job in rehoming hundreds of dogs every year.

These photos of Zee Zee below were taken by 'Many Tears Rescue' when she first came in.

Zee Zee Before

Zee Zee More Before Treatment Photos

After 5 Weeks of daily dermacton application

A very contented looking Zee Zee! (we love this photo)

Zee Zee After Treatment


This was a photo of Zee Zee's ears taken after 6 weeks of Dermacton, and just before she was rehomed

Zee Zee Update Photo

It has taken a while for the hair to start to regrow on the ears, however it was initially thought that because of the scar tissue left on the ears after years of neglect, the hair may never regrow. So its great news that's its starting to come through.

These are updates of Zee Zee (now called Ruby) taken by her new owner

Zee Zee Today

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HOOLI - 6 year old Golden Retriever

Photos Courtesy of 'Golden Retriever Rescue, Cymru'

Pictures of Hooli before and after

These before and after photos of poor 'Hooli' were given to us by the Golden Retriever Rescue in Cymru.

Rosie Galbraith says that Hooli came into their rescue with horrendous skin, and was treated by their vets every week and on antibiotics for 9 months. The before photo shows the condition the skin was still in after these 9 months.

"We used Dermacton spray morning and night for two days, all the anguish went, and we then continued to use the spray for one week. The fur started to come back after 7 days and this is a picture of Hooli taken after 1 month, he has never looked back and is now in a new loving home he deserves'

We've seen many success stories here at Aromesse, but even we were amazed by these rapid results! but delighted to have been able to help Hooli :-)

CLICK HERE for more information on Dermacton Products....

'Oscar' - Westie

Oscars owner 'Donna Brocklehurst' was recommended to try the Dermacton cream by Barkin Mad dog rescue in Swindon, Wilts, after her vets were unable to help her.

Oscar before Dermacton

Oscar before pic

Oscar after 1 week                                                                       After 2 weeks

Oscar after 1 and 2 weeks pics

After 3 weeks                                                                           After just 4 weeks!

Oscar after 3 and 4 weeks pics

Donna Brocklehurst wrote:

"Since using the Dermacton the improvement in Oscars skin condition has been unbelievable never mind the rapid hair growth."

Jake - 15 year old West Highland Terrier

Jake - an 11 year old Westie, with sore skin & hair loss before Dermacton. Despite regular bathing with antifungal shampoos, this sore patch had been present for 6 months.

Jake Before Treatment

After using Dermacton

Jake 2 weeks Later

Jakes other side, before Dermacton. Very sore thickened skin, which had persisted for 6 months.

Jake 6 Months Later

Jake - 4 weeks later after using Dermacton

Jake 4 Weeks Later

Petnat Ultrasalve Photos - First Aid

Before Application of Ultrasalve®


Hattie is a lurcher who had been kicked in the cheek by a horse.
When the owner started using Ultrasalve, the area was smelly, weepy and sore.

Hattie Close Up

After 17 days of Ultrasalve® application

Hattie After Treatment

A much happier Hattie! No other intervention was used

Before first application of Ultrasalve®.


A sore patch caused by licking. Prior to the owner using Ultrasalve®, this dog had had to wear a collar to stop him licking

After just 8 days!

Ultrasalve 2

After just 8 days of daily application of Ultrasalve®, the sore area has gone, and substantial hair regrowth has occurred.

Equinat Aromaheel - Photos mud & wet problems

- 6 year old 16.2 Bay Warmblood

Aromaheel 1

2.10.08 - Josie Before Application of Aromaheel.


2 Weeks Later

The hardened scabs have come off leaving pink skin underneath.

Josie 2 Weeks Later

7 Weeks after the first application of Aromaheel.

Josie Final

The owner Morgan Kent said that 'she was really pleased with Aromaheel and it had worked really well.

'Cheyanne' - 15 years old 16.2 Holstein x Thoroughbred

Cheyanne before and after photo

Cheyannes Legs before Aromaheel.

Cheyannes Before

After 6 Weeks of Aromaheel

"Photo's of Cheyanne taken 6 weeks after using Aromaheel. The scabs were very bad and very deep. I now have a scab free horse at last!" Barbara Schofield

Cheyanne After Treatment

"The Aromaheel did a brilliant job in softening the thick,resistant scabs.
I also used your product a number of years ago, when I was able to turn my horses out and it still kept the problem at bay." Barbara Schofield

'Rosie' - 15 year old 15.3 Bay mare

Rosie Treatment Before and After

Rosie before Aromaheel

Rosie's owner Becky Turner said "It has never been this bad and its summer!"

Rosie Before Pictures

'Frankie' - 17 year old Thoroughbred

Frankie Before and After Pictures

16th Feb 2008 - Before Aromaheel

frankie before treatment

After 4 Weeks

Frankie After Treatment

Frankies' owner Pamela Harwood wrote the following about her experiences using the Aromaheel:

"Frankies problems started in the summer of 2007, when he was lame unrideable and in a lot of discomfort. He didn't want to move much even to graze. His immune system was compromised and he had antibiotics.

In February I started using the Aromaheel daily and even after a week there was some improvement especially on the sore areas where a precious product had stripped skin off!. It also softened the hard scabs. I could add more without having to soak/wash off and cause Frankie distress.

I was desperate and very worried. Aromaheel is by far the best product I have tried and I would recommend it to anyone. Gentle yet effective and convenient. We will never be without a tub.
Thank you so much
John, Pamela and Frankie!

PS This week was the first time Frankie went down the beach in ages. He is a happy horse again thanks to you."

'Star' - 19 year old Part bred Arab

Star Before and After

Before Aromaheel

"Star's heels taken today before applying 'aromaheel'. As you can see the scabs are like concrete, despite my attempts to clean and remove them (resulting only in Star hating my guts!). When, just after taking these, I lagged the heels with 'Aromaheel' she relaxed and allowed me to treat her for the first time in 3 weeks."

Star Before Treatment

After 1 WEEK of Aromaheel application

"After a week the scabs were coming away easily and after 3 weeks hair regrowth was visible."

Star Treatment Progression Photo

Stars owner Imogen says:

"Aromaheel is wonderful - miraculous.
The most wonderful is that Star stopped resenting treatment whereas previously she had become hard to handle and unhappy.

Thank you for a wonderful product which I recommend to anyone with similar problems."

'Milly' - 16 year old Irish Draught

Milly Before and After Treatment

Scab-Free after 8 Days

Scab After 8 days Millys owner says that the scabs fell off without any picking!

Milly After A Week

After 6 Weeks

Milly After 8 Weeks

Milly's Owner Said:

It's fantastic - no more picking at scabs! I've been recommending it to everyone.


Nebora Before and After

Nebora Before Aromaheel

Before Aromaheel Treatment

Nebora After Using Aromaheel

Nebora After

Aromaitch and Aroma Pre-itch Products for fly bite irritations

Bruce - Piebald Cob


These pictures above show Bruce before and after 3 weeks of Aromaitch cream application.

The Aromaitch cream soothed the sore areas and stopped Bruce from rubbing so the skin could repair and hair grow back.

Murphy - 2 year old Appaloosa


Murphys owner Hilary went on holiday and returned to find that he had rubbed his tail raw, causing all the top of the tail to fall out.

She applied our Aromaitch cream twice per day, and Hilary says "I couldn't believe the improvement, the top of the tail became dry very quickly which then enabled the hair to grow back, and the swelling reduce. The cream worked really quickly and I would definately recommend it to others.

I will be trying the Aroma Pre-itch next year to hopefully prevent the same thing happening again during the summer"

Aromesse products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure, and should not be considered as a replacement for professional veterinary advice.