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Customer Feedback

After spending £££ on different shampoos, sprays etc for my itchy GSD, someone recommended this company. I bought the...

Posted by Lindsay Wilkes on Thursday, 26 October 2017

Below are customer testimonials received from customers that provided feedback on our PetNat and Equinat ranges. Please click on the links below to be taken to relevant reviews.

Dermacton Cream & Spray (60+ reviews)

"I have a 5 year old Kasavan Ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog) who lives in Bulgaria. At 2.5 years old she developed a problem which causes her massive hair loss, she was practically bald save a few hairs on her ears, she had weeping sores, scabs, and her eyelids drooped so badly she could not see properly, they would clog up with conjunctivitis, she became lethargic and smelled terrible and howled in pain. We tried many things with varying success, but the problems reoccurred and is incurable.
In January, knowing Lister would be due an outbreak soon, I bought a bottle of Dermacton spray. At the first sign of an itch (6 weeks ago) she was sprayed. She did develop a small bitten patch one night, but, sprayed with the Dermacton, it cleared up at lightning speed. Currently, Lister is completely free of itching, scratching, chewing and licking. It's nothing short of miraculous!
Lister is well, healthy, she has a full coat, is happy, bright, lively, playful and her eyes are clear. I cannot tell you the difference this has made to her life (& ours) and we have used nothing else on her! Thank you!!"

"My dogs life has been made so much better by daily use of Dermacton cream, I've been using it constantly for a few years now and its meant that we have been able to virtually cut out the steroids and he is much happier and healthier, I shall give the new conditioner spray a go when I next order, hopefully you'll still have some left as samples - thanks for all the good work:)"

"..Dermacton Cream is the most amazing product!"

The Dermacton cream is the most amazing product......we have a Westie who does have the occasional skin 'flare up' and this cream works like a miracle - within usually 48 hrs after application the skin is almost healed & certainly within 4/5 days its completely clear. Brilliant stuff!
Jane Brook 08/10/2012

We very rarely promote anything but in this case....

"We very rarely promote anything but in this case we have had such startling results from the dogs we have used this on that we feel all dog owners should have a pot of this cream in the dog medical kits. If your dog has itchy skin and loss of coat we recommend you try this product. We wouldn't know what to do without it"
Sylvia, Many Tears Rescue, Cefniethin, Wales

To see how Dermacton has helped many of Many Tears Rescue dogs, please visit their website:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your products are amazing!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My Westie was a miserable, itchy, bloodied, scabby, stinking mess - we must have spent well over £2,000 with him trying various treatments, tests, lotions and potions, with little to no success. The only thing that helped was tablets, and he was put on a prescription food which he hated and refused to eat for days at a time even though the tablets made him starving hungry. We went through 6 long miserable years like this.

We noticed your cream in a dog mag last year - at such a reasonable price we had nothing to loose, so ordered a bottle of the spray.

Twice daily application to his sore spots (mainly his groin, paws and under his chin) for a week, and wham - the itching went, and by the end of the bottle, it was as if he had never had a problem.

And that was that - we\'ve never had any bother since. We have a pot of the cream which we apply at the absolute first sign of irritation and it nips it in the bud right away, and we\'ve just ordered a shampoo bar to generally wash him in to help keep his skin nice.

I must admit, I never expected your products to work (sorry!) but you\'ve given my boy his life back - he\'s now got a lovely thick full coat of hair, lovely supple skin with none of the horrible scabs that he used to be covered in, he can enjoy a walk or a sleep without having to scratch every two minutes, and we have ditched that awful prescription food and he\'s happy and healthy eating a good hypoallergenic food that he loves.

He is just so happy now, and I well up thinking about how miserable he must have been beforehand with all that itching and soreness. I just wish we'd found them sooner!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your products are amazing.

Emma Went - 22/09/11

"It seems inadequate just to say your cream works - it is a miracle"

"Well I will try to keep this brief because I have a lot to say.
If the person who first formulated "Dermacton" was standing in front of me now I would kiss them. this has been the course of events over the last 10 years!
Little Sally - cross collie starts chewing her stomach then over a few years moves on to her feet. She chews and chews until she can hardly walk.

1.anal glands emptied every two weeks.
2.baths twice per week in antifungal shampoo.
3.evening primrose and cod liver oil supplements.
4.anti-itching tablets 4 PER DAY!
5.£300 test. Result dust mite but this could change to others.
6. dog boots - uncomfortable but at least to stop her causing such damage.

I love my dogs dearly and to see an otherwise very healthy animal crippling her self because of a skin problem has been very upsetting not to mention expensive and hard work, its been like having a part time job. I watch her every minute of the day so that I can stop her chewing. Even in the night she sleeps by my bed and I am conditioned to the noise she makes. It has been an absolute torment for every one.

After this it seems inadequate just to say your cream works - it is a miracle. She has not touched her feet since I started using it and is now running around like a puppy.

You can use this email any way you like even leave my email address on, I only wish everyone could be made aware of your product because I know there are many people and dogs out there with the same dilemma.

So thankyou THANKYOU!

Yours Rita Brookes

"It has worked miracles for us"

"Our Yorkshire Terrier Murphy has suffered from terribly itchy skin for many years. We have been back and forth to the vets who have been unable to pinpoint the exact problem, but have prescribed all sorts of lotion and potions, all expensive, none of which have worked.

Murphy is now 12 years old and his skin had become wet & smelly. He was so distressed by his condition that he would roll on the carpets and cry. He went very thin & we were considering having him put to sleep.

I read about Dermacton in one of the dog papers & sent off for a pot. We haven't looked back since. He has put on the weight he lost through all the scratching. His coat has grown back & his skin is perfect We now only need to use the ointment occasionally, but we have a couple of pots as back up.

We have recommended your product to lots of people & will continue to do so. It has worked miracles for us"

Mrs G Chillery

"WOW.....what a difference even with the first application"

AbbieCarole is a 9 year old Shih Tzu and has suffered daily with extreme itching, therefore she actually chewed on her body to the point of blood red, bald spots resulting, and absolutely miserable. The owners have done the allergy tests,
many many $$$ spent on various shampoos, creme rinses, changing dog food, changing groomers...............until DERMACTON.

WOW.....what a difference even with the first application....and the smell of the creme is nicely scented, very accepting for house dogs that give and receive lots of hugging and touching.

Now to watch her lay in the middle of my grooming shop and sleep, instead of constantly licking and biting at her skin is wonderful and worth every bit of the price. The owners are so happy because AbbieCarole sleeps with them, and now everyone can get a good nights rest without biting, itching, and chewing.

What more can I say about this product??...even to stop my grooming and send you this testimony....maybe will encourage other dog owners to try this product and see for themselves.

Caroline Scoggin, 'HAPPY GROOMER'

"I keep telling everyone how good your product is"

Having seen an advert for Dermacton in my Crufts schedule,I thought I would try it on my Std Wirehaired Dachshund as I had tried everything else with no luck.She gets very very itchy on her stomach and chest and between her front legs. She scratches until she is red raw. Your cream has been like a miracle it has cleared her skin and at the first sign of her scratching i put some on and it clears it straight away. I am a Dog Groomer and see lots of dogs with skin problems and I keep telling everyone how good your product is.

Thank you

Mrs E Higgott

"I was very sceptical of your claims but it has certainly been a miracle"

My dog has had sore skin round her mouth that was weepy and very sore . The vet said to bathe it every day but it was bleeding and looked very uncomfortable. It had plagued her continually for months and your cream was a last resort.
I can't believe it! I have only been using it for a matter of days and it has virtually cleared up and there is no more weeping. I was very sceptical of your claims but it has certainly been a miracle. I am very grateful.

Jacqui Ruddock

"We have been down every road and spent well over £1500"

I have just ordered three more pots of Dermacton. Charlie our 3 year old labrador, has been biting himself, 'scooting' scratching. We have been down every road and spent well over £1500. I found you on the internet, thank God. Amazing results, he is 80% better and improving daily. We are so pleased that you have helped Charlie. If you want me to write or use this endorsement please do. Thank you,
William Hussey

"Thanks a million for the cream it's fabulous!!"

Archie, my Jack Russell. Archies skin now feels as smooth as silk and he just loves his evening Dermacton therapy sessions, he almost lays down on his own when I pick up the pot. He is still bald but has absolutely no dry skin or scabs anywhere and I would say his itching has reduced by a good 75%, marvellous!! He lays on his back with his eyes shut and even stretches his legs out for me to apply the cream , it's quite funny to watch. Thanks a million for the cream it's fabulous!!
Lisa Moore

"This will amaze our vet next week"

Dermacton soothed our dogs skin almost instantly. This will amaze our vet next week. Your product really does work, thanks.
R Dearlove

"My dog's severe scratching stopped on the first day of applying the cream"

My 6 year old Samoyed had been suffering for several weeks with a problem with severe scratching and biting himself resulting in sore skin. The vet couldn't identify the cause of the problem, so I thought I would give the Dermacton Cream a try. Amazingly my dog's severe scratching stopped on the first day of applying the cream and he has now returned to normal. I would just like to say thank you for producing such a fantastic product which has solved a very worrying problem. I will never be without a jar now. Very many thanks.
Lorraine Forsdick

"From the first day I was able to remove the collar"

"My 6 year old, cross breed dog has been suffering with very itchy skin for some time. She scratched and bit herself until she bled. After trying every product on the market to no avail I was resorted to using an elizabethan collar. I discovered dermacton whilst searching the numerous internet sites about this problem and ordered right away. From the first day I was able to remove the collar and three weeks later all the scabs are falling off leaving healthy looking skin underneath. She is happier in herself and enjoying life again. Thank you for giving me my dog back"

"this is the best thing i have found ..believe me i have tried everything"

hi ..this is the best thing i have found ..believe me i have tried westie has been going to the vets since she was a pup..she is 7 now,i have spent a lot of money on vets bill...the last thing was tablets. costing £90 for 30 tables..that worked out every month.....many tear told me about this.cream and i can\'t belive the that she has fur on her legs now...thank you very much for makeing this and please keep doing the good work .my dog really thanks you for give her a better life. with out biting.her skin all the time best wishes susanne davies...
susanne davies

"Our poor dog biscuit had suffered with fur loss under her belly since she was spayed. The vet told us she had allergies and for 18 months we went through steroids, creams, diets and shampoos that did very little.
We tried Aloe Vera and finally I came accross this website and read the testimonials. We had nothing to lose and have been using the cream, spray and shampoo for a month. The improvement in Biscuits problem is excellent, I am taking photos so I can show everyone how well this is working. I cant wait to take her back to the vet when she is completely better !!! "

Chris Hill - 17/10/10

"Dermacton is one of the best dog skin creams I have come across, it reduces itching and dog is visibly improved in 24 hours! It is extremely effective and I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers"
Rowena Parker, Class Cutz

"My customers, who have spent hundreds of pounds on dogs with skin problems have been amazed at how quickly Dermacton products work and how much cheaper it is to help their dogs."
Alison Lock, Perfect Paws

()"My dog has had skin and ear problems for 12 months. The vet is at a loss. He scratches and licks his coat until the skin is raw. I have tried both the Dermacton and the Itchy Ear and have found that the effects are almost instantaneous all the redness and irritation goes out of his skin as soon as the spray is applied and the irritation and head shaking stops as soon as the drops are applied to his ears. Truly amazing. I had logged on to buy more, but just had to add my comments first."
Kathy Wright

(German Short Hair Pointer) "Max, our German short hair pointer, was scratching incessantly under his legs and along the side of his body. We tried change of food and oil of evening primrose capsules neither of which helped him. Dermacton has worked miracles! He has stopped scratching and his skin has greatly improved in appearance. Many thanks for a great product."
Mrs Ruth Palmer

(Westie)"I have been so very much impressed by the rapid results of your Dermacton cream when used on my Westie - it really does calm the problem of itchy skin overnight - brilliant stuff! The inside of my dog's ears are very dry at the moment and he is constantly scratching them. Do you have a product specifically for this problem?"
Mrs Jane Brook

(Yorkshire Terrier)"Sassy our little Yorkshire terrier is cursed with itchy skin on her belly area and armpits and would nibble herself raw, we tried everything to ease her discomfort (even the vet gave up, after we had spent a fortune on various treatments!) I scoured the internet for help and came across your site, well what an absolute god send!!! Your cream is the only thing that helped dear little Sassy, she is free of torment for the first time (and so are we!!!) If she starts to scratch or I see her nibble herself I just apply the cream and within minutes she settles down to doing what she enjoys most..sleep!!!! I'm off to order another pot. Thank you so much.. I would and do recommend this cream to all."
Linda Stewart

()"Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. My dog millie has been suffering with extremely itchy red scaled skin and hair loss on up to 50% of her body. When I started using your cream from day one we noticed some improvement, it has now been 3 weeks and her hair is growing back, there is still some itching but not to the extent of what it was before, and also the redness and odour in her skin has also gone. Millie has been suffering with this for 4 years, so thank you aromesse for such a wonderful product. Do you have any product for ear infections? THANKS LORRAINE."
Lorraine Manning

(Labrador)"My 5 yr old Chocolate Labrador, Jacko, has a skin problem. Over the last 4 yrs he has been on tablets and various supplements to try and help, which has resulted in him gaining 10kgs and generally being miserable and lethargic. I had tried everything and was at the end of my tether when I found your website and read the stories. Because his skin had got so bad and was flaky and itchy with sore spots appearing i thought I would have to give the cream a try. Well, can you imagine how I felt when after the first day of applying the cream his skin was starting to look better. All the flaky scabs dropped off and the skin beneath was pink and healthy! I was so shocked and tried using it on the areas he was itching, and the results have been fantastic. This cream is truly amazing and I will be recommending it to everyone I know who has a dog. Thankyou"
Rosie Gilson

(Dogue de Bordeaux)"I received a free sample of this cream. Our dogue de bordeaux puppy had been on tablets, creams, powders, controlled diet since 12 weeks old, but the vet just could not solve her skin problems and itching. After only two days using your cream she is like a different dog. She'll be easier to train now she can concentrate for more than ten seconds!"
Nicola McNamara

(Staffy)"Our staffy pup developed a skin problem at 5 months and despite skin scrapes and biopsys the vet could not find anything, she scratched herself so much that her skin was bleeding and sore until I discovered Dermacton and within 4 days the scabs had gone and she was much happier, thank you so much Petnat"
Julie Senior

(Labrador)"This cream is absolutely fantastic. I ordered it for a spare. We got our Lab. from the kennels last June - 11 months of age. He was suffering with a nasty skin problem - I was told it could have been a yeast problem or allergy. His underneath skin was black and the texture of an elephant skin. He also had a very smelly pair of ears which we cured with Olive oil and patience..but I could see us spending a fortune through time over the skin problem. When I took a chance and ordered the cream from you I had my fingers crossed. Miracles do happen and within a few days, the scratching and biting had stopped and the skin returned to a lovely healthy pink, all apart from one small patch which does not bother him. I have a lot to thank you for, and so does Merlin.
Best wishes"

Jenny Stewart

()"I bought a bottle of your spray at Crufts this year and it truly is a miracle worker. Do you know if it is available in Australia or can you send it to me? Our Customs dept can be a pain in the butt at times......"
Jan Clarke

(Miniature Dachshund)"My miniature dachshund Pippa had very itchy, raw areas between the folds of her skin in her front paws. I was told to wash her weekly in a particular product and then to apply medicated talc to the areas. This has not worked. I was at crufts this year and purchased dermacton and I really can not believe the huge improvement in her paws. It worked immediately. I also have 3 other dachshunds and I use it on any little skin irritation they may have. Amazing. Thank You so much"
Evelyn Power

()"Absolutely brilliant!!!! My dog has suffered terribly with itchy sore red stomach and feet, we have gone through everything with the vets, first treatment for mites then skin and blood tests for allergies and finally a special immunotherapy serum he has to have injected once a month. All this has cost us thousands and I was truly at the end of my tether as none of it had worked.

I showed your magazine article to my vet who said it was just a waste of time, being desperate however I decided a few quid more wouldn't do any harm and I must say I was amazed. After the first application he never scratched once, his stomach is back to its proper colour and he is so much happier in himself. I have only been using dermacton for a week and it is the best thing I have done, I just can't wait for my dog to have some hair on his legs now.


Kerry Jones

"I love both the Dermacton cream and spray, they are easily absorbed and soothe the sore area immediately giving comfort and relief to the animal"
Stephanie Brennan, Canine Care

(Westie)"My Westie has suffered over the last couple of years with itchy, irritable skin around her hind quarters. I tried everything from cod liver oil in her food, visits to the vet and constantly had to watch her to prevent her chewing herself. The vet had no answer as it wasn't getting infected, it was just causing her immense discomfort and obviously discolouring her fur and skin. After a bit of internet research, I came across your product and thought I'd try it. It was delivered extremely fast and I couldn't wait to try it. Bonnie didn't like it being applied at first but as her symptoms eased, she didn't mind at all. The cream soaked straight in, left no marks and the affected areas healed within the week. In fact, I only had to use it for a week as it healed up that quick. Marvellous stuff, cannot recommend it enough to anyone with dogs that I meet. I have just ordered the ear drops for my other Westie who, as a rescus dog, has suffered with her ears since I have had her. I hold out great hopes of reporting similar success with them. Can't wait for them to be delivered as it gives me so much joy to see the dogs symptoms disappearing along with their obvious discomfort. Thank you very much!!!!!"

"We and our customers have found the Dermacton cream stops the itching very quickly and promotes healing and hair regrowth"
Dave Stevens, Marshlea Kennels

(Miniature Dachshund)"My mini dachshund, Molly, has suffered all her life (she's nearly 8) with itchy, scaly, sore skin and bald patches. I've been given countless 'remedies' - antibiotics, injections, creams, lotions, shampoo etc - the only time her skin improved was when she was actually being treated for a liver problem. Once this treatment ended, within days her skin was sore again and her hair fell out! I trawled the net for an answer and came across your website. I ordered a pot of Dermacton and, I confess, skeptically splodged it on her... The results were (and still are) amazing! It only ever takes 2 days for her skin to make a remarkable recovery - the sore patches disappear, she stops itching and her hair starts to grow back! An incredible natural product, affordable price and the results are truly excellent. A huge thank you from me, and an even bigger thank you from Molly."
Julie & Molly

(Westie) "My West Highland terrier has suffered for years from eczema, but since using your cream , it has given him a lovely coat, and a new lease of life, fantastic!"
Janet Hughes

()"I have to write and tell you we were recommended Dermacton by a a lady in the USA, So fare we have spent around £500+ on Bells skin problem, But after using Dermacton for only a few days we can see a great improvement in her skin its amazing many thanks keep up the good work its a miracle cure for sure."
Clive Harrison

(Great Dane)"Hi, I bought Dermacton from yourselves 2 weeks ago for my Great Dane who had some bald patches on his side, last year it cost me £200 for tablets for him from my vet, your spray is amazing, it has nearly completely grown back the hair, just to thank you and tell you I will recommend you to all my friends, and I will be buying more, thankyou again."
Tony Eaton

(Labrador)"Your product dermacton works great. I have used it on many of my dogs with success over the itchy summer and monsoon months and especially for my labrador female who after many skin tests we had drawn a blank and were at a loss of what to do next, though in her case we have to keep applying it every other day over the affected area or the problem recurs, still its better than her being itchy and licking previously quite frequently. thankyou!"
Ayushi Beri

(Mastiff x)"My mastiff cross is allergic to any insect bites and starts to take chunks out of her skin if an irritation starts. Dermacton cream is put on the minute she scratches or nibbles and stops the problem before it gets started. Thank you, I only use natural remedies on my dogs and cats and this product is a godsend."
Vivien Sumner

(Westie)"My Mother's little Westie has been struggling with an itchy tail for months. Nothing worked, even that prescribed by the vet. I found Dermacton on your site and thought 'what have I got to loose'. Its FANTASTIC, cleared up in a matter of weeks. A very happy dog and owner. Thank You. I have recommended your product to others."
Debbie Jermyn

()"My dog had very itchy back legs, the vet was unsure what was causing the problem but I knew that as she licked and bit at the sore parts they were getting steadily worse. I tried the cream and have to say I was delighted at the difference it made almost immediately. I have recommended it to my friends as I believe it played a large part in the skin healing and the hair growing back. Thank you so much."
E Taylor

(Springer Spaniel)"Dermacton cream has been amazing for our 9 yr old Springer, Bracken. We have spent fortunes on tests, therapies and diets for her scratched and bleeding skin. Dermacton has provided total relief on her body, which is wonderful. She now has the problem inside her ears and I wonder if you have any suggestions?"
Many thanks

Anne Cobbledick

(Jack Russell)"We have a four year old Jack Russell who gets extremely itchy in the summer months. We have tried everything even medication in an attempt to relieve the itch. At first I was sceptical about buying your product, but decided I had nothing to lose. Within 4 days of using the Dermacton cream on his back Max's itching was cured. Thank you so much for your wonderful product. I will make sure I always have a container handy just in case!"

()"A million thanks, since I have had my 8 year old dog (7 months) she has itched, scratched, bitten her feet raw and "scooted", after three applications of Dermacton she has stopped and is running around like a 2 year old. Don't believe in miracles but you seem to have come across one, and it smells so good too.
Many many thanks"

Rita Tillin

(Yorkie)"I help with the yorkie rescue in wales and have all sorts of problems , but timmy (a puppy farm reject ) had them all the most upsetting was his skin he scratched an bit until he was bleeding all over , this went on for 12 months I had tried every thing, then spoke to a customer of yours and she told me about the cream. Timmy is now a happy little dog and I only need to put the cream on occasionally , thank you for giving Timmy one less problem I recommend to everyone, even the vet was impressed."
Jackie Alloway

()"My dog is now 13 and has had skin problems for years. With naturally dry skin, her problems have always been exacerbated by stress (i.e. when I go away). Until I tried DERMACTON nothing seemed to help (including very expensive solutions, incl. all sorts of injections) - but this cream is magic - and I can warmly recommend to ANYONE!

Jane Rieger

()"After only 2 weeks the improvement in my dog's itchy red sore skin is amazing! Emma is wanting to play again which proves she is so much happier. Thank you so much!"
Mrs Ione Black

(English Setter)"Our 10 year old English Setter had been biting and chewing herself for the last year around the tail and vulva area, completely removing all hair and making the area look like black elephant skin. We had had anal glands checked - no problem and she had had several courses of tablets to relieve the itch and several shampoos. We were just about to have another visit for another course of tablets when I saw your advert in my Crufts Catalogue. How lucky! From the first application, your cream has worked wonders, she now no longer bites and scratches herself and after two weeks there was a growth of new hair and the scaly skin had softened. We don't have to use it very often now and new hair has completely covered the previously affected area. I have recommended your cream to a friend who has also had good results. Thank you so much, we now have a happy and settled Setter again."
Mrs D Elliott

()"This product was recommended to me recently, after years of trying many products and costly bills, always willing to try new things, your website and leaflets offer many stories from customers but as having read similar promises before I was sceptical, however, I must say that this product is the best thing since sliced bread, it worked instantly and I can now get a good nights sleep as my dog is no longer up scratching and chewing herself to pieces all night, her fur is starting to re-grow, it truly is magic in a pot and I cant thank you enough for this product, I have ordered my 2nd spray bottle and would ask that you send some additional leaflets with my order so that I can spread the word further than I already have.
Many thanks again, you really dont know how grateful I am of this product and I am happy for you to publish my email address should potential customers want to contact me.
When I think back to what we've been through over the last 8 years I could cry, the expensive vet bills, the pain and discomfort, now with Dermacton our life has started all over again my dog is happy and well I could go on all day and couldnt thank you enough!"

Emma Sheikh

(Terrier)"The dermacton has worked amazingly well. My terrier had to wear a baby-grow because she scratched and licked herself so much! even after spending a fortune at the vets. Now she is 90 per-cent itch free and all the hair is growing back! Will highly recommend this product. Thank you."
Alison Britton

(Bullmastiff)"My Bullmastiff boy literally eats his feet during our hot summers leaving them so raw he can hardly walk. After mega bucks in vet bills and with no real relief, I found your website. Dermacton is absolutely amazing!! I got his feet completely sorted out within 2 weeks and he now bounds around like a big puppy. I will be keeping a jar of this on hand for as long as you make it. has also worked a miracle on my husbands tinea/athletes foot problem (he was desperate enough to try anything)!! Thankyou so much for this great product."
Deb Mayo

(Labrador)"You may have saved the life of my young Labrador after she had been treated with steroids for fox mange which made it ten times worse.
Dermacton stopped the itching"

Eileen Ayling

(Border Collie)"I've just ordered some more Dermacton spray. I was recommended to try this to encourage hair regrowth after my Border Collie was shaved in two places after a minor operation. I cannot believe how quickly his coat is growing back & hopefully he will be able to go to Crufts in March."
John Allen

()"Bought my dog biscuit dermacton cream as she had no fur left on her two back feet. the fur started to come back after just one week and is now nearly all back. she now has bad ears so I shall get her some of the ear treatment. thankyou for a wonderful product which I can highly recommend."
Judith Brown

"Having been a groomer for over 25 years and had plenty of contact with dogs with skin problems, and vets who only seem able to provide steroids - At last a product that works. I have recommended Dermacton products to my customers many times and they have been impressed"
Julie Eastwood, Wagtails Dog Grooming

"Thankyou so much for finally giving me some relief from my itchy skin" Lots of waggy tails from Sweep xx

Sweep's mum says, , it is so nice to see my sweep not having to spend weeks wearing a collar to stop him biting & socks to help limit the damage to his skin with scratching.

Karan Moore

My jack russell was in a really sorry condition. She just wouldn\'t stop scratching and biting herself. Her hair fell out on all her legs, her sides were raw and the places she could bite on her back looked dreadful. She had to wear a vets collar which itched her even more resulting in neck abrasions as well. The vets prescribed steriods which didnt seem to work and made her sick. She looked so miserable and we even considered having her put to sleep which I feel so bad about now because I have been spraying her with your itchy dog spray for 5 weeks now and she is a different dog. She has hair! and she is so happy now and so are we. After 2 years of struggling to relieve the incessant biting and scratching I am so over the moon to finally find a natural product that actually works...It has changed my dog beyond all recognition and the whole family are so much more relaxed and happy. Thank you so much, cannot recommend this product highly enough. Just put another order in today.
Sarah George

Dermacton Shampoo Reviews (12 Reviews)

The shampoo bar is a fantastic product, easy to use, smells great and really helps her skin.. Thanks a lot.

"The shampoo bar is just fantastic"

"The shampoo bar is just fantastic. My Westie has really benifted from regular use. It is so easy to apply, lathers better than any shampoo i have used for Westies and brings his coat up lovely and very economical. I now use on all three dogs. Thank you so much for such a good product"
Jean Nash

' is a wonder shampoo'

My little 6kg shih-tzu CHINA BABY had a very bad skin problem with hardly any hair from her waist down. We must have spent well over $1000 on different tests as all said it was fleas or allergy related (no fleas). We put her on tablets to calm her skin but it made her sick so we found a medicated shampoo but that didn't do much. Her ears had a yellow discharge and also a yeast infection so they said.
So I searched the Internet (google) for anything that would just help our China baby girl and what a miracle this product is, what all the testimonials say it is, is true, it is a wonder shampoo and China is so much better. We have only bathed her 4 times and she has nearly a full tail of hair and everywhere else as well she has no hotspots at all and gets better with every wash and no, to hardly NO SCRATCHING.

Alison Philip (Australia)

"Knocks other shampoos out of the water"

"Great. Easy to use, very effective and seems to relieve redness and itching almost instantly. Knocks other shampoos out of the water. I recommend your products all the time with quite unprecedented feedback from customers. Your products actually live up to their promise."
Lindsey Boxall, Scoobies

"Excellent - best product I have used"

"Excellent - best product I have used. It clears up skin problems, leaves coat feeling soft and silky. I am so glad I found this product - no more tablets!"
Sandra Hatfield, Dial-a-Dog-Wash

"Hi there, just came back from a long weekend in Somerset/Dorset, Diggs was going berserk with itching, tummy and inner legs - got home, gave him a bath with the shampoo asap and then sprayed him with Dermacton as well. Thank gawd, the constant scratching and chewing has stopped again. Id forgotten how bad it gets. I recommended your products to many people when we were on walks. Seems to me nearly every dog you meet has seasonal allergies now."
Heather MARTIN

"I have been using the cream for many months on my yorkie and his skin now is fabulous so I bought the new shampoo and it is excellent, in fact it is easier to use as I bath him a lot as he gets very oily, this product is also amazing. Thank you Jackie"
Jackie Rees

"This shampoo is a very good cleanser, it is easy to use and has a very pleasant smell. We have had some very good results. We have used several veterinary shampoos provided by clients but I think Dermacton shampoo has better results"
Chris Olszewski, Wuffcuts

"We have used the shampoo on our St Bernard with itchy skin, we bathed her once a week for 4 weeks and have cured her scratching."
Dave Stevens, Marshlea Kennels

"Hello there. Much appreciated your phone call when I ordered some more products for Diggs, my border terrier. I told you at the time he was covered in pimples. I am so pleased to report after a few shampoos the pimples simply disappeared, they seemed to dry up and flake off when we brushed him. He is hardly nibbling or scratching at all - Im praying this means we will have a relatively scratch/chew free summer."
Heather Martin

"Excellent results on dry, scurvy coats. Pleasant smell and lathers up well, also rinses our easily."
S Brennan, Canine Care

"Fantastic my cocker spaniel has been driven crazy with his shin. After two baths with your soap-shampoo he's 95% clear something all the preps from the vet could'nt do at great expence. Now I have a problem with his ear's do you do anything special for ears or should I just use the Dermacton I have (the problem is on the inside) Thank you from Harvey and myself."
Paulene Woodcroft

Ear Products Reviews

"What a delight to find a product that works so well"

"What a delight to find a product that works so well. After years of steroid treatment for Willow's ears, her ears are finally cool to touch. What a relief to find help for her, and stop all of her head shaking and ear scratching. We are also using the cream for her itchy toes and she is a different dog. Thank you ever so much for a miracle solution"
Dawn Wright

"nothing has worked as good as your product"

"Hi,i would just like to say how good your new product for dogs is, the itchy ear product. We have a 5 year old tibetan terrier who for the last two years has suffered really bad with her ears,(scrathing,soreness).We have been to the vets on numerous occassions been given drops and cleaner but nothing has worked as good as your product. To be honest i was scepticle at first, but am now so pleased i gave your product a go. I would highly recommend this product to anyone out there who`s dog is suffering with their ears.
Thanks again"

Dawn House

"your drops were far more effective"

"Rosies ears were full of brown sticky liquid and smelled really bad. After using your product, her ear canals appeared much cleaner and the smell had gone.
Having tried other ear drops and ear cleaning products from the vets, I found that your drops were far more effective, plus Rosie did not object to having them put it. A Big Bonus"

P Blake

"cleared up a long standing ear problem"

"Had to say your ear cleaner is fantastic, cleared up a long standing ear problem in 2 of my dogs. Have ordered more to stock up with.
Thanxs again from me and 2 very happy pooches."


"The ear cleaner is effective at removing wax & debris, it leaves a pleasant odour and doesn't irritate the ears at all after cleaning."
Rowena Parker, Class Cutz

"The range of ear products are pleasant to use and relieve the problem with ease"
Stephanie Brennan, Canine Care

"The ear cleaner is good at cleansing excessively dirty ears (ear mite debris and excessive ear wax). The ear drops help to manage and eradicate most ear problems. Our clients feel that your products are value for money, and work as good as products sold by vets"
Chris Olszewski, Wuffcuts

"After i had used the drops once I noticed they were not shaking there heads as much, and after the second application the head shaking and scratching of the ears stopped altogether. Also my dog was not stressed after application"
J Turner

"It gave fast effective relief. The scratching stopped within a day to two days. The ear canal appeared to be cleaner and minor cuts and abrasions cleared up. I found this to be the best ear drops I have used to date. "
L King

"My dogs ears weren't as itchy after the second day and by the third she'd completely stopped scratching altogether. As soon as I see her going to scratch now I put some drops in, massage the ear and she gets almost instant relief"
A McLuckie

"The heat of my dogs ears came down and she didn't scratch as much. Prior to applying the drops her ears were full of open scratch marks these are all healing now on the fourth day. My dog was also happy to have the drops administered, and doesn't try to run away when she sees the bottle."
J Kirk

"We noticed an improvement after one day. Her ear lost the 'pinkness' it always has and she stopped shaking her head. Her ear carriage also returned to normal carriage."
A-M McGrath

"Bosun stopped scratching so much and the heat went from his ear. The ear became pink again instead of red and angry. I was very impressed with the results"
S Norrish

"Petnat ear products are definitely better than other products I have tried"
Julie Eastwood, Wagtails Dog Grooming

"Before he was scratching his ears until they bled, now he just has a slightly dropped ear."
S Allen

"Hannah experienced less irritability, less smell, & it soothed her. I am grateful for the chance to try something that actually makes a difference"
J Greives

"The ear wax seemed to loosen very quickly. Because Basset Hounds have large pendant ears they can have problems so extra care is required. I was able to keep ears clean with your product. The colour may put some people off but if it works don't knock it!"
D Sharpe

Petnat Ultrasalve Reviews


Have used both Ultrasalve and Dermacton Spray to great effect on our elderly Staffie. Great natural products.
Anne Alexander 13/10/12

"Ultrasalve is absolutely marvelous, I couldn't be more pleased with the result."

"My dog Fleur is a 10 month old lurcher, and she is as you can imagine very lively. Where we walk sometimes the terrain is wild, and on two previous occasions whilst running wildly with my other dog, Fleur has ripped her skin. I mistakenly think I can deal with it but with too much attention from her it always becomes infected and ends up having to be stitched resulting in a £100 plus vets bill.

A few weeks ago the same accident occurred. My heart sank with the thought of another £100 and lead walking after. I'd read about Ultrasalve and so requested some urgently, because if the past was anything to go by it would be a problem very quickly, regardless of what I put on it, and I had tried various other creams, which were all licked off. The ultrasalve allowed the area to heal beautifully and she hardly licked it either. Thank you so much - I will always keep a tub close by. I wasn't sure it would work and was so very pleasantly surprised."

Yours gratefully

Pay Meyer

"Your Ultrasalve cream has saved me a lot of money"
"I am impressed!! Your Ultrasalve cream has saved me a lot of money and the dogs a lot of stress"

Mrs T Lennox

"A 10 out of 10 product. I highly recommend it."
"You wont need the guarantee, it works! I bought this for my very active springer spaniel who had a deep crack in his pad. Limping and biting it was making it worse. Ultrasalve worked within 3 days and he is back to his usual self. A 10 out of 10 product. I highly recommend it."

J Hall

"after 2 weeks I am thrilled"
"My 9month old labrador,Lola had a cut on the very tip of her tail and was wagging blood everywhere. She was given a 30% chance of keeping all her tail. Apparently tails are notoriously difficult to heal due to all the wagging they get!
I immediately ordered a tub of Ultrasalve and after 2 weeks I am thrilled to say I have just returned from the vet who has given Lola the all clear. So thankyou thankyou thankyou!"

Suzanne Tiernan

"by the next day the paw was already showing huge improvements"
"A big thankyou. Bunty (Irish Wolfhound) had got an injury to her paw and we just couldn't get it healed partly because of where it was on her foot and also as she just wouldn't stop licking it. I applied Ultrasalve twice and by the next day the paw was already showing huge improvements. I'm so impressed by the product and will definitely recommend you to friends"

Mrs A Brown


Aromaheel Mud Ointment (40+ reviews)

Please note. Due to veterinary legislation, we are permitted from making any claims about our products treating any specific condition or allowing our customers to do so.


Finally a product that worked!!
After months of messy applications to my horses feet as recommended by others, including professionals, I was completely discouraged. So, investigating on-line I came across discussions on Aromaheel and decided it was worth a try since nothing else made a difference at all! The product arrived very quickly and the difference was amazing. A clean fresh smelling product, I applied it generously and was amazed not only to see the scabs actually disappear but the lovely healthy skin revealed underneath was unbelievable. They were completely clear in two weeks after months of pain to my horse. I continued to apply the ointment twice a day and my horse continued to go out every day and the weather continued to be wet and messy.
Very well done! This is an affordable solution, which I would recommend. This is probably the first recommendation on a product that I have ever written.

Heather Fraser 06/03/2013

'…well worth the money, kind to horses and smells lovely too'

"Just have to say I have had excellent results from using AromaHeel on my horses skin and it has been quick to remove the scabs and there was no need to pick or rub at them which causes pain!"


"FANTASTIC PRODUCT THANKYOU AROMESSE!!!! My mare had a problem in one leg, even though I'd brought her off the wet and was washing daily with hibi scrub and smuthering in another product it was just getting worse.

After just a week of once a day ointment she was a happy mare again!! It has taken just one pot, and would have been less but there were different patches at different stages when I started.I'm now using my 2nd pot as a mud preventative several times a week. It seems to act as a repellant the mud doesn't seem to stick to her although it isn't too deep at the moment.I've given my empty tub to my farrier and told him to recomend it to his clients. I'm now ordering the Colloidal silver spray!! Thankyou Aromesse"

Janine Jones - 1/10/10

I am amazed at how well and quickly it is working!!

"I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective AromaHeel is!"
Jill Mowser, New Zealand.

"within 3 days all the scabs had gone"

"After becoming frustrated with the traditional methods that made things worse rather than better, I decided to try Aromesse Aromaheel. The results were amazing, within 3 days all the scabs had gone and pink healthy skin with hair already growing replaced the weeping sore skin that was there. Within 5 days the skin was no longer visible and the affected areas were hard to identify. Throughout this my horse was able to be turned out in a field that was quite muddy. She has spent hours digging 'ponds' since this problem occurred and using Aromaheel as a barrier cream has prevented it returning. Many thanks for this brilliant product. I don't know what we would have done without it."
Jane Shaw

"So simple to use & so so effective"

"Started using this product & in only 2 days I could see a dramatic improvement. I have been treating Oceans for 4 weeks with other products with not much significant change. I am really impressed with your aromaheel, & would not hesitate to recommend to my horsey friends. So simple to use & so so effective. Thank you so much & congratulations on an extremely good product."

"the scabs are falling off, revealing pink skin underneath - it's magic!"

"Just to let you know that I've found Aromaheel absolutely brilliant. I've got a mare with white legs and pink skin - I was recommended Aromaheel as I have nowhere to bring her into to get her out of the wet. I have applied it once daily for the last week, and the scabs are falling off, revealing pink skin underneath - it's magic! Will continue to use it until all the skin looks healthy.
I will definitely be recommending Aromaheel to others...Many thanks Kirstie"

Kirstie Morton

'I am VERY Impressed!!!'

"Since using the product the scabs have come away to reveal nice pink skin again!"

"it was very kind to the horse as there was no need to remove scabs!"

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how delighted I have been with the Aromaheel mud and rain ointment I purchased from you recently. It started to work straight away and the scabs were gone within two weeks. It was very easy to use (thank you for the tips and clear instructions). Also it was very kind to the horse as there was no need to remove scabs! I will definitely buy from you again and recommend you to friends! Many Thanks, Margaret"
Margaret Terrinoni

"Aromaheel is a unbelievable! It works!!"

"Aromaheel is a unbelievable! It works!! A friend recommended it so I purchased just one container for now! But thats all it took - the scabs just fall off - you dont have to force them off. The problem improved within 5 days and it completely cleared in 7 days. Fantastic! I will almost certainly be buying more - just in case. PS she went back straight into a muddy field and is protected by the aromaheel! Thank you so so much! Worth every penny"
Kath Vincent

"spent months & months using an alternative product last year before being recommended Aromaheel"

"It's fab - smells nice & easy to apply, plus less traumatic for Henry (and then of course for me!) as there's no need to pick scabs off. Like the speed it heals up as well - spent months & months using an alternative product last year before being recommended Aromaheel"
Caitlin Barnes

"it worked in 3 to 4 days and I could turn him out in the daytime straight away"

"My 14 year old TB developed mud scabs about 3 weeks ago for the first time in his life. I must admit I took the testimonials with a pinch of salt, but, ever hopeful, sent for a pot of Aromaheel. I received it in a couple of days and had already started treating with Hibiscrub and keeping him in out of the wet. Once I started using the Aromaheel it worked in 3 to 4 days and I could turn him out in the daytime straight away. I am recommending it to anyone that will listen!
Thanks for a great product."

Shelagh Ashton

Hes happy Im happy Aromaheel is fantastic.

"My Arab gelding had huge scabs on both hind heels and fetlocks caused by mud, I had tried lots of products one of which is well known plus advice from other horse owners but all were useless. But within three days of using Aromaheel the scabs started to come off and my horse actually found the cream soothing on his legs, and for the first time he let me touch his sores without flinching. Hes happy Im happy Aromaheel is fantastic. I will recommend it to all of my horsey friends."
Stephanie Hill

"Finally a product that works"

"This product is unbelievable it works great. My horse Dee has had problems for quite a while and I applied aromaheel and within 6 days of usage it was improved. Finally a product that works. I can't wait to try your other products."
M Wareham - Wisconsin, USA

This is my 6 day of using it and the hair is already starting to regrow!

"My horse has had scabs for about 3 months and I tried just about everything with no results. I finally found Aroma Heel and I am very pleased with the Results! After just three days of once a day application the scabs fell off. This is my 6 day of using it and the hair is already starting to regrow! Thank you very much for coming out with a product that works!"
Sidney Buentello

"it has kept him from any heel problems"

"I have a 20 year old gray Arabian gelding and have used your product as a preventative for mud related problems for over two years and couldn't be more pleased. I put it on as a barrier whenever it is wet out (even when there is just dew on the pasture), and it has kept him from any heel problems. Great product!"
Holly Stromberg

"thanks to your cream he does not need to stay in for weeks"

"Your Aromaheel is fantastic, for years my arab has had problems with mud, but now thanks to your cream he does not need to stay in for weeks, + no more need to remove the scabs. Within days of applying it it started to clear up and he was out in muddy field, its wonderful"
Mrs J.F.- Bristol

"Have recommended your product to everyone I know!!"

"Fantastic product. Took in a rescue horse with ******** and *******, within 4 weeks totally *****. Have recommended your product to everyone I know!!"
Mrs S.I.R.- Wiltshire

"I truly cannot believe the results"

"My Warmblood gelding Chevy has four white socks, which look beautiful, but which also come with the common susceptibility to mud problems. I had previously tried many and varied products with little or no success. When I received my Aromaheel, most promptly I might add, I began using it immediately, and I truly cannot believe the results. Within days the scabs had simply fallen off and there was HAIR growing back! What impressed me most however, is the mere fact that I did not need to risk my head being kicked off in order to attempt the dreaded scab removal necessary for it to work. It just works. No mess, no fuss, simple and pleasant to apply. I will be recommending this product to everyone here in Australia. Thank you Aromesse for such a wonderful product."

Best regards, Barbara Hilsaca

"Thanks for selling a product that does what it says it can!!!!"

I had the vet out & he informed me that my horse had ********. He shaved her ankles, scrubbed her & applied panalog. He left me a bill for $149.000 & told me that it was a 'b***er' to clear up. After a number of weeks using his method. I searched the internet & found aromesse. I ordered & had my product in a week. I have been (helping) my Arab with it ever since but with a huge difference. Immediately the scabs started coming off. I wash her daily & still apply aroma heel. I don't wrap her legs & don't keep her in if it's muddy out. I'm still upset with my vet & his treatment. Next time he comes out..I'm going to give him info. about aromaheel. Besides that....he charged my $85.00 for the panalog. Thanks for selling a product that does what it says it can!!!!!!!!
K Barrett - Michegan, USA

"This is the only product I was able to apply without a dressing"

"I have to say that this product is excellent. Following my vet instructions, I tried all kind of ointment, dressing, shampoo and the problem came back as soon as my horse was in the pasture. This is the only product I was able to apply without a dressing (my horse keeps taking off her dressing anyway). I will recommend this product to other horse owners since mud problems are pretty common with our climate."
Mrs M.R.- Quebec,Canada

"WOW is all I can say, its wonderful"

"I have an Arab gelding, last winter I paid nearly £250 in fees as he had to be tranquilized all legs shaved and the vet and I pulled off scabs. My beloved horse suffered so much because he had to be stabled as the ground was so bad which made the problem worse. THEN I DISCOVERED AROMAHEEL. WOW is all I can say, its wonderful. I am now sending for another pot for this winter. Many Many thanks for your wonderful product. Yours always grateful Jennie. Also Kasim thanks you as no more scab pulling."
J Good - Sussex

"we thought we'd tried them all!"

"Our Clydesdale gelding has suffered for several years with itchy heels. We were despairing of ever finding a product to help him - we thought we'd tried them all!
We discovered Aromaheel and have just placed a second order for two tubs. We use it on the other horses two or three times a week as a prevention and so far have had no problems with them.
Thankyou for a product which actually does the job.

PS - did you know Aromasalve is quite good for chapped hands!"

Mr J.D. - Skipton

"it's far better than what I have been recommending for the last 10 years"

I am amazed at your Aromaheel for ********* it's far better than what I have been recommending for the last 10 years.
I have a vet and 2 farriers interested in selling your product I do not have a website but would love to offer your products.

Van Harn Farrier Service

"On the second day the skin seemed to be pink and healing"

"My mare has had problems for years. When I read about your product I thought it sounded too good to be true. Never the less I ordered it hoping that it might work more easily than remedies I had used in the past. I am quite surprised to report that it worked as described. I put it on directly over the scabs. The next day the scabs were dissolved. On the second day the skin seemed to be pink and healing. The aroma also seems to keep flies away from her legs.

Thank you very much."

Ms D.B.- Iowa,USA

"Your product, Aromaheel, has performed a miracle !!!"

"Your product, Aromaheel, has performed a miracle !!!

I have a heavy-weight coloured Irish Cob who has cracks behind the knee & in front of the hock for the last seven years. I have consulted every vet and horsey person in the area and have a shelf of medicaments to prove it - but all to no avail..a friend thought that Mulligan might be just the subject to try your Aromaheel on. She was right !!"

Mrs E.R.- Worcester

"Easy to use, very reasonably priced, works wonders and completely pain free for the horse"

"My mare has had problems from the hock to the coronet for some months now. After hearing about your "Aromaheel" product through a friend I chose to give it a try as nothing else had seemed to work. I have to say that I am amazed by the results. Aromaheel is definitely a product worth trying.. Easy to use, very reasonably priced, works wonders and completely pain free for the horse, my only wish is that I'd heard of it sooner! I have no reservation of recommending your product.
Yours Thankfully"

J Taylor - Kent

"I am very pleased with the results my horse is having with your product, as is my veterinarian"

"I am very pleased with the results my horse is having with your product, as is my veterinarian. We are both very interested in ordering your product."

"Please send the Aromaheel as quickly as possible. I am almost out, and I do not want my horse to regress. Your product is helping him over the last two weeks, and we have been battling this problem with other remedies and little result since early July."

Ms M.K.- Montana,USA

"I wish I had heard about your products earlier"

"I received the aroma heel the next and was very impressed. I'm touching wood when I say this as he is still slightly lame, however, after using your product all the scabs and filling have gone and he seems to be much happier. I am able to put him in the muddiest field and he comes in without any on his legs. This thing that impressed me the most was that I'd actually spent £300 (WOW!!) on fees which I'm sure did help but not as much as aroma heel. I wish I had heard about your products earlier. I'll certainly be recommending them to anyone that is unfortunate to experience ********.

Many Thanks"

Miss L.M.- Sunderland

"after 3 applications all of the scabs had fallen off"

"I just wanted to commend you on what seems to be a miracle solution - Aromaheel. My horses legs were v swollen, covered in scabs and of course they lost they hair. After one application and I mean one - they were much happier for me to touch their legs and after 3 applications all of the scabs had fallen off and the skin totally healed just from one tub for two horses. The problem has now totally cleared and I can't thank you enough. I spent £200 on fees, creams and antibiotics none of which really addressed the problem properly, but as soon as I used Aromaheel the immediate improvement was there for everyone to see. I have already told many horsey friends about all of your products which I will also now be purchasing! Now, if you could find something to cure cribbing that would be a miracle!!"
Jane Hawkins

"Thanks to Aromaheel, my horse has recovered"

"My horse has suffered with mud scabs for a while and the discovering of Aromaheel provided us with the hope of removing the painful scabs. Thanks to Aromaheel, my horse has recovered and can now join his field mates."
E. Whittaker

"What a marvellous product!"

What a marvellous product! Have helped my horses with your product with great success.
One of my horses actually falls asleep when I'm applying it to her heels! Must be so soothing to her.Glad I got the 3 tubs that were on offer, love the smell almost could eat it!

Jayne Wright

"Every horse owner should keep this product in their medical box"

"My horse Freddie suffered with mud problems last winter. We enjoy hunting but with getting mud **** it was a disaster as I worked hard all week to try and keep the fever at bay but regardless of what I tried and what I did it wouldn't go away. Having tried creams and washes from my vet I was at my wits end as I couldn't hunt because I didn't want to make the problem any worse. Eventually I searched the net from some miracle, and yes I found it in the form of aromaheel. After 3 days the results were unreal the heat and scabs had gone and hair was starting to appear something I hadn't seen in weeks. Every horse owner should keep this product in their medical box, I'll never be without it. Thank you so much for an excellent product."
Audrey Horton

"After just two days I could see a change"

"My Arabian mare had a VERY BAD mud problem ********. I scrubbed and wrapped and scrubbed and wrapped for three weeks. She was stalled every night until the next morning when the dew dried up and was then let out onto pasture. We (my horse and I) were not very happy!

Then I got your product. I tried it. After just two days I could see a change. She is now 95% better. I still put some on once in a while just to protect her. But, she is back out in the pasture with the rest of the horses. And, I can ride again! We both are VERY HAPPY!!!

I had to write you and tell you thank you so much."

Mrs W.R.- Wisconsin,USA

I would just like to say that I think Aromaheel is a wonderful product. My Arab Mare Habibi has three white socks and suffers from both Photosensitive ********** and *** ***** (mud problem). We had been hacking around very wet muddy fields over the last few weeks and her legs really flared up and were red raw in places. She was lame last weekend and would not let me anywhere her legs to treat them. My vet prescribed an antibiotic cream but advised me that I could not use this unless I got the scabs off her legs first. I did sedate her with some ACP last week but she still would not let me get to try to bathe the legs. I then decided to try aromaheel having found it on the internet and it arrived last Friday. After being in the stable for five days my mare was a little less sore and I managed to put some Aromaheel on her near fore. I thought I would leave the back ones until the next day when I had someone to hold her. On Saturday I saw that the product had already started to get the scabs off and was frankly amazed. I then managed to get a helper to hold her and put liberal amounts on both back legs and then on Sunday managed to do the same without anyone holding her. Think she realised that it was making her better. I have used one jar already and have one left. I am amazed that I can now get near Habibi's hind legs at all. I am confident that she will be completely free of scabs and the skin will be healed within two weeks. I have kept her in the stable for ease of management but this product would still work just as well in the field as it is really greasy and won't be washed off by water. Another plus is that it smells wonderful!

I will recommend the product to anyone I know with horses as it really does it's job and more. Its refreshing to use something that lives up to its promises.
Many thanks

Sarah Hurst

"I used Aromaheel on my horse Pyleigh last year and managed to clear up his ********** (mud problem). I then went on holiday and my horse minder had stopped the product. It got very bad again and I had to have the vet, who put him on Steroids, very expensive indeed. When I stopped the steroids (slowly) it had not quite cleared up and I decided to try your cream again. It has finally completely cleared up and hair has grown back again. So, once again Aromaheel saved the day. I shall keep using it as a barrier cream now."

Nora Bellamy

"When I read about aromaheel on the internet I was in a desperate state, I had spent a fortune on all sorts of other creams and shampoos in an attempt to clear my horses mud *****, which had appeared on all 4 legs overnight and seemed to get worse daily!! I had tried everything from very expensive mud fever boots to supplements creams and shampoos.
I was at the end of my tether and my bank balance when I read about aromaheel on several of the horse blogs, all with very encouraging things to say about it.
Anyway I washed all four of my horse white legs!! with a tea tree shampoo and duly applied the aromaheel, I have to say at this point that it smells gorgeous and leaves my hands very soft after rubbing it in!! anyway back to my horse!! it was extremely easy to apply being very soft and pliable and not at all like the thick oily creams that I was used too. Before using the Aromaheel I took my life in my hands washing and applying any cream to his legs as they were so sore he kicked out all the time, not through malice but through pain! After a week of this ********* (product) I could do 3 of the 4 legs without him batting an eyelid and after 10 days I could easily apply it to all 4 legs without him being in any pain and kicking out. After 5 days all but the really thick scabs had gone and the weepy sore areas on his legs had begun to heal over. After 10 days all the original scabs were now pink healed areas with new hair growing through. I am absolutely delighted and cannot believe how fantastic the aromaheel has been, I thought at one point before I used it that his legs would never heal. I try really hard to keep my horse on natural feeds and supplements and so to be able to find a natural cream, that works!, for me is just brilliant.
Many thanks to Aromesse for their help and support and their fantastic product, I would definately recommend it to anyone, dont bother with all the other products, all you need is aromaheel."

Joanna Sutton

"Brilliant! The day after I started to use the Aromaheel, her legs, which were red, scabby and raw looked less angry. Each day they improved, the scabs started to soften & could be rubbed off in the main. We did not wash or wrap but just kept rubbing off old cream and re-applying daily. Every day more scabs came off. The hair which had been clipped grew back quickly. Now, all the scabs have gone! I will definitely always keep a spare pot & the minute a scab appears will apply daily until the scabs come off. The best thing is that Kamirra is not distressed as she was for so long."
Judi Churcher

"I was desperate and very worried. Frankie was in pain and getting worse despite constant treatment. Aromaheel is by far the best product I have tried and would recommend it to anyone, it is gentle yet very effective and convenient."
Pamela Harwood

"The best (product) for ******** we have used. I will certainly recommend it"
Mrs J.S.- Lincoln

Latest Review:

"Hi just to say that i have had excellent results from the use of aromaheel on my horses mud problem. it was fairly quick at removing the scabs and there was no need to rub or pick at them which both cause pain to the horse. My sisters horse arrived at her yard with mud related problems on 2 hind legs after trying numerous products. She discovered aromaheel which completely cleared it up. in fact both of our horses have managed all last winter to keep it at bay by using this fantastic product. well worth the money, kind to horses and smells lovely too."
Laura Parker 7/7/10

Aromaitch Reviews

"they are the only product that has ever worked"

"Hi was wondering if you do any horse shampoos - I love your pre-itch n itch products they are the only product that has ever worked on my horses ***** itch and as good as cured it!"
L Harper

"your product is wonderful, fast acting, immediate results"

"I ordered two jars of aromaitch a couple of weeks ago, your product is wonderful, fast acting, immediate results, non-irritating and my horse enjoys having it applied, even to his ears."
Ms K.P. - V.N.Cerveira, Portugal

"He loved it and obviously found it extremely soothing"

I have a young exmoor pony suffering from hair loss, and the flies have had a field day. antibiotics given and boett rug in use. After doing a sensitivity test, today I put on your aromaitch. I was dubious about the reaction I would get from a nervous little pony having cold cream put on red raw belly. He loved it and obviously found it extremely soothing - the grunts and posture were self explanatory. 3 more pots ordered!
Helen Hayllar

"am amazed at the result of using the aromaitch cream"

I've tried everything on the market for **** itch, and am amazed at the result of using the aromaitch cream, the sores are healed, and that is in a week! now going to try the spray for the bits that are exposed and hope it s as good as the cream!
Jodi Collins

"your product is the only one that prevents them from biting and relieves the itch if they do"

"I have a mare that is very sensitive to all insect bites and your product is the only one that prevents them from biting and relieves the itch if they do.

I started using Aromaitch a year ago in June because my mare had rubbed her tail so badly that she had huge sore areas. I didn't know what caused this. It had happened the previous year but it was never this bad. I tried everything and was at my wit's end. My vet suggested I try the internet and do some research. I tried many of the suggested remedies but without success. Then I came across Aromaitch. Within a week the sore areas had cleared up and within a month the hair had grown back. Applying the cream twice a day thereafter alleviated the problem entirely.

Thank you for such a great product."

Mrs C. Varjas, Ontario Canada

"Absolutely stunned!!"


Reference your Aromaitch product and pre-itch roll-on.

Absolutely stunned!! Have owned 2 Dartmoor ponies for some 5 years now and every year the mare (Molly) suffers terribly with sweet itch. Having tried most lotions and potions, this year was the year for something new. I invested in a somewhat expensive Boatt rug - worth every penny and should have done it sooner - she still has a coat!!

Secondly, invested in what was then an unknown (to me) product range from Aromesse. She suffered from head to toe, and was almost bald this time last year, open sores, miserable and seemed affected whether she was in or out, I was desperate for a solution.

Voilà! With the rug working its magic on the main body in conjunction with the pre-itch roll-on within the still bare areas, she is 98% irritation free this year. :)

She had one very bad bald patch under her chin, not caused by sweet itch, but by a new fly mask which irritated her and she rubbed her chin raw. Removed the new mask, in fact, threw it away in disgust, applied the Aromaitch cream and 2 days later the redness had receded and unbelievably the skin was healing (that quickly). 1.5 weeks on, she has a heeled chin completely and remains non irritated within that area. Amazing.

I think your products are amazing. I rarely send emails to companies, simply because most do not deserve it, most products are a fad and ineffective, yours on the other hand are a break from the norm.

Congratulations on a fantastic product range for horses and keep up the good work, I hope you are very successful. I will pass the word locally for your products to hopefully generate you some extra business as your products are very worthy indeed.

Thanks once again and look forward to receiving my repeat order.

Regards, Will McCutcheon

Will McCutcheon

"my pony is now a happy pony"

"Your products are excellent, easy to apply ,no stickiness and a pleasant smell and THEY WORK, the healing time is unbelievable, my pony is now a happy pony"
Linda Smith

"Best we ever had"

"Best we ever had, easy to apply, keeps flies away, all sore parts improve fast - it's a hammer !!"
Ms C. Molitor - Schweitenkirchen, Germany

"Better than anything else I have tried"
Ms F.B. - Angus, Scotland

"I will definitely use it again, Super!!"
Mrs C.A. - Northumberland

"We tried everything before.....but none as good! I wish it had been on the market 2 summers ago."
Mrs J.B. - Derbyshire

"I am trying to convince a friend to try Aromaitch on her horse. I used to use it on my horse and it worked wonders. Do you supply samples as I really want to help her horse and prove to her it works! Please let me know. Thank you."
K Hanover

"Highly effective, and will definitely use it again."
Mrs K.P. - Chesterfield

"Stopped Itching, Quick Hair Regrowth"
Mrs R.V.P. - Suffolk

"Excellent - Reduced redness & itch dramatically, promoted hair regrowth, conditioned hair & skin. I needed it at the beginning of May!"
Ms S.L. - Flintshire, N.Wales

"This is a product I will continue to use it has the best results of any creams etc I have used. My horse has suffered for 4 seasons with this dreaded problem, a product that relieves this has been greatly needed"
Ms D.M. - Tynemouth

"There seemed to be almost instant relief for my itchy pony"
Ms S.J. - Denbighshire

Aroma Pre-itch Reviews

"I now have no faith in any other product!!!"

"Excellent. By far the most effective preparation I have used. I have tried practically every formulation on sale, and none have had the sustained result that your product has given.
I now have no faith in any other product!!!"

K Price - Wales

"Your Aroma Pre-Itch spray literally saved my horses life"

Your Aroma Pre-Itch spray literally saved my horses life - I had already made the appointment for the huntsman to come and put her out of her awful misery when a friend saw one of your adverts. My horse had been increasingly itchy all over her back and ribs for 3 years, to the stage last summer where she had huge raw bleeding patches where she mutilated herself with her teeth. The vet had no idea what was causing it and steroids were no help. I had spent hundreds of pounds and finally given up. Your money back guarantee persuaded me to give her one more week. Within 3 days of applying it twice a day she was noticeably better and within 10 days had stopped itching altogether and the huntsman was cancelled. I have to say I was totally amazed. I used it every 2 days for the rest of the summer and had no further problems and I hope it will be the same this year.
J. Stagg, Somerset

"I've tried every anti-itch product available in the US and nothing works like yours does"

"I have several horses that get very itchy tails in the summer and rub constantly, some to the point of being raw. Since I found your product on the internet and have been using it (2 years now) these problems are totally under control. When itching occurs, one application calms it down within a day and I usually only have to use it every 2 or three days to maintain. I've tried every anti-itch product available in the US and nothing works like yours does."
Lynn McIntyre

"Most 'natural' products don't work for above a few hours, but this does"

"Happy horses. Excellent qualities in a 'natural' product. Most 'natural' products don't work for above a few hours, but this does."
A Congreve - Peterborough

"We would happily endorse it as excellent"

"We - as a sanctuary - would use it without hesitation. We have many sufferers from mild to severe and in all cases this stopped the urge to rub within a few days of constant use. I think a good product like this needs little more said about it. We would happily endorse it as excellent."
Ha'Penny Rescue - Worcester

"The change in my pony after about a week was wonderful"

"My 40yr old pony started to itch 18 months ago he rubbed until he bled and his skin was raw. We were told it was probably because he could not process the protein in his food because of his age. We put him on a bland diet and tried every lotion and cream for sore skin and also for sweet itch with no success then by chance I came across your web site. The change in my pony after about a week was wonderful, he laid down in the field and rested for the first time in months it has given him a new lease of life.
Jan Edwards

"Better than any other product I have tried!"

"I think this product is absolutely amazing! Better than any other product I have tried! I am amazed by it's effectiveness, have tried many other products but didn't work"
L Sutton - Derbyshire

"this season 2010 she is without fly sheet and all hair in place"

I started using the Aroma Pre-itch spray two years ago. My mare had collapsed with liver problems on may day 2008 was real scary. She had devloped real bad summer itch after that after suffering very mild problems before, and I then started to try all kinds of products and fly spray from the shops. Of course by then the weather was warmer and things had already gotten bad.

A friend of mine looked on all the web sites with other products and we just said for the price and informtion givern we would try your product.

It made the most difference last season as we started to apply it the middle of march and all through summer and she kept all but a tiny bit of mane, her tail and everwhere else was fine. At the moment this season 2010 she is without fly sheet and all hair in place.fingers crossed she stay less itchy. A great product and thank you from me and my pony Mel who is 20 this aug, and keep up the good work.

Beth Sawicki

"A raw back that can't be saddled seems a distant memory from last year."
P Lang - Devon

"Hi was wondering if you do any horse shampoos - I love your pre-itch n itch products they are the only product that has ever worked on my horses ********* (itching) and as good as cured it!"
Libby Harper

"We were so impressed with the product. Can you tell me when the spray will be available, I will definitely be buying some."
J Parker - Middlesex

"Sore areas disappear within 2 days. Brilliant Thank you!!!
N Jones - S Buckinghamshire

"Very effective and easy to use. Soothed sore areas and prevented rubbing"
E Eayres - Leicestershire

"Effective all night long. My horse no longer rubs his tail or his mane"
M Welch - Surrey

"One happy horse and one delighted owner!!!
life without this spray is worrying!!"

A Spencer - Lancashire

"It was very effective. I'll definately use it again!"
D Chapman - Kent

Ultrasalve & Aromasalve Reviews

"I recently had the misfortune of my young Arab mare galloping blind into a barbed wire fence. I ordered the Ultrasalve and this covered the wound on her knee without any bother and kept the flies at bay. As the wound was on her knee it kept splitting and opening but I have still had wonderful results. The improvements are amazing, I am so impressed and pleased with these products. I hope that her before and after pictures will take some of the stress out of such a horrific accident if it or something similar happens to another horse."
Anya Hingley

"WOW!! I bought your Ultrasalve as my horse had had an extremely bad reaction to fly bites and had sore, broken and weeping skin.
The Ultrasalve arrived last Thursday and this is Wednesday. The skin has healed, the scabs have come off with the skin totally healed underneath and the hair has all but grown back!!!
I will certainly be recommending this product to everyone at the yard as I have never been so impressed with something working so quickly!
Thank you Aromesse!!!!!!"

Miss S Ross

"A fly bite turned very nasty and made it impossible to put a girth on my mare, after two days using Ultrasalve I could see the difference, one week later I was riding her again, simply amazing product, I have now re-ordered as I think every horse owner should keep some in their first aid kit."
Claire Owen

"I received your product approx 2 weeks ago and it has worked so quickly, it's marvelous. My mare had a nasty cut on her face right on the bone and I had been treating it for over three weeks with wound gel and savlon anything we could think of and it was getting worse if anything. My friend had used Aromaheel previously on her arab gelding with remarkable results which is why I looked on your website. Within 2 days of using the Aromasalve the cut began to dry up. 2 weeks later and the cut has completely healed and the hair is starting to grow back. I was convinced she would be scarred but not now. Thank you so much. Highly recommended."
Gina Leicester

" I would like to let you know that last year when I returned home from a vacation I found my grey walking horse with a 4 inch cut on her chest, the result of being run through by another horse. The vet told me that it had been too long for him to stitch the wound. I had to find some way of helping the wound without the hair coming back a different colour, so I found your company on the internet. I ordered Aromasalve along with other products of yours. The salve worked in 3 weeks and their is no scar or hair colour, your products are the best I have ever used. Thank You"
K Morris - Virginina, USA

"My husband used aromasalve on one of our horses that had gotten an injury on his leg from getting caught in the wall of his stall in July of this year. He tried numerous products to help this but nothing seemed to was noticeably better in a couple days and is now fine. My husband was quite impressed and has recommended your product to many of his friends in the horse racing business. He also got a rope burn on his hand while training a horse and put the salve on the burn and said the pain was gone right away. You have a great product in aromasalve."
Mrs J.S. - New York, USA

I tried your other product Aromasalve two weeks ago. One of my horses had a cut on his front leg. It was a tear of a few inches. I was amazed how fast it helped. In only a week, the skin was totally closed. These products are really great."
Mrs M.R. - Quebec, Canada

Aromesse products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure, and should not be considered as a replacement for professional veterinary advice.